Christopher Walken FIlm and Wine Pairings

The Family Fang and Unoaked Chardonnay (BC Local: Off the Grid)

Introducing the Family Fang and Off the Grid’s Unoaked Chardonnay. You can substitute a different unoaked chard, but I will tell you why Off the Grid is perfect for this movie. (Please agree or disagree with me in the comments.)

At the interview for a my first winery job I was asked what is my favourite wine. It was late winter, and I had been drinking nothing but Syrah, from different regions, for three months. “Syrah”, I answered. Since it was the only thing that was in my head. Is it really my favourite? Sometimes.

Is Christopher Walken really my favourite? Sometimes.

So here is my pairing suggestion for my first Christopher Walken movie, The Family Fang.

Buy this! I bit of money goes toward the upkeep of this site from your purchase through my Amazon Associates agreement. Always the same low price for you though.

To make it easy for you, it is currently on Netflix. Or if you are a go-getter, you can pick it up on Amazon. Oh yeah, do you notice that there is also Jason Bateman and Nicole Kidman in this film? (I feel like renaming Mr. Walken as Mr. Walkman to go with the name theme.)

It is a pretty quirky movie about a family of avant-garde artists. I am thinking about a great little wine by a quirky vineyard, Off the Grid Organic Winery.

Here is why Off the Grid Organic Winery is an interesting winery and also why their Unoaked Chardonnay pairs with The Family Fang.

  1. you can do a yoga class there on Sunday
  2. there are goats on the roof
  3. it is about a family
  4. the family has gone through difficulties to make something cool
  5. the wine is delicious
This is an unoaked Chardonnay.

Off the Grid’s Unoaked Chard is lovely and uncomplicated. The fruit got pretty ripe in 2018 which is why there is some lovely pineapple, mango and banana.

Mmmm. fall get-away wine. (Or, Christopher Walken Wine #1)

You can buy it at the winery or if you are too far away, right here. I think that you should make up a big bowl of fettuccine alfredo to eat with this nice movie. It will go nicely with the wine.

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