Hester Creek Pinot Gris: Perfect Pairing for NPR and CBC Radio

When you are listening to public funded radio, the subject matter is often deep and grim. For example, right now I am listening to a report about a public inquiry being launched to investigate money laundering in British Columbia. My beloved home province is apparently a seething pit of illegal financial activities which have contributed to homelessness and the opioid crisis. Well, that’s terrible.

If I choose a Pinot Noir, melancholic and complex, I think that I would be emotionally paralyzed pretty quickly. If I were to go with a peppery Syrah, I would be writing incendiary op-ed pieces for my local newspaper. And nobody wants that.

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I believe that a dry, fruity Pinot Gris is the perfect balance for NPR/CBC. Why? It is optimistic. Hester Creek Pinot Gris has enough balancing acidity to save it from Pollyannaism but enough lush mid-warm fruit to let you know that there are also things in life that are good and do not require a public inquiry.

Hester Creek is in a warm – hot growing area where the light white wines can get stone and even tropical notes. It is situated on The Golden Mile, just south of where I live in the Oganagan Valley, BC, Canada.

Here are the tasting notes that you can expect in a glass of the 2018 version. Note: 2018 had a cool fall and these grapes were harvested in late September. This cool weather allows the fruit to retain acidity while the hot summer developed lush apple and pear fruits.

Asian Pear
Ambrosia Apple, a BC variety. Tropical, floral.
Bartlett Pear
Ripe Apricot

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