Happy Day Pairing

This light, white sipping white is happy and light in the winter!

Normally, my taste in wine turns darker and redder in the fall and winter but I am on a bit of a Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc kick and it is December.

The hub and I tried Little Straw’s Sauvignon Blanc the other day and it is a bright, happy wine.  The label said that there would be distinctive green grassy notes but I couldn’t find them.  Instead, I found high acidity, guava, fresh apple and a heap of tropicals as well as a distinct minerality.  It was between dry and off-dry.

Here is a treatise on Sauvignon Blanc: from its pronunciation to its typical flavours. Wine Enthusiast is a wonderful resource for wine info.

Nice little sipping wine.  Probably nice with cheese but I’m off dairy and meat things these days so I am making an educated guess.  I think that a big cheese or a heavy cheese would overpower the wine.  Some nice shaved parm would be great but this is nice on its own.

This wine isn’t complex or requiring a lot of study.  It is happy and delicious.

The winery itself is family owned and here in West Kelowna.  Little Straw is open limited hours during the winter but worth a visit.

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