Deer Hunter Pairs with Old Vines Foch Reserve from Quail’s Gate

This is some dark business. A serious and wracking film like The Deer Hunter deserves a big pairing. Old Vines Foch Reserve from Quails Gate Winery.

What is Foch? How do you say it? Faux-sh. It is a type of Vitis riparia, an indigenous North American grape variety. With this lovey grape one can make dark, rich, and tannic wines.

This is Quail’s Gate’s description of the wine: Deep ruby in colour, the wine opens with intense aromas of dark fruit, coffee, cigar box and hints of toasted coconut and roasted meat. On the palate, the wine is smooth, rich and full bodied with subtle tannins and juicy acidity. Notes of vanilla, cherries and tobacco lead to a long, bright finish.This is Quail’s Gate’s description of the wine:

The year that it was harvested, one of the cellar hands referred to it as The Beast. They held onto it, aging it gracefully until it was tame enough to let out.

Should you go feral and drink from the bottle? Unthinkable. How about from your regular all-purpose wine glasses? NO! Go with something with a big tummy where you can swirl and this big red can evaporate it lusciousness – you want a lot of surface area so this will happen to its fullest extent.

Go for style AND substance. Balloon glasses are designed to deliver thewine to the front of the palate and also to have a wine pool of wine which make it rich and full on the nose. You can get these particular ones here.

With a wine so big and dark comes a film that is big and dark. The Deer Hunter. This is not a movie for everyone, just as a huge Foch is not the wine for everyone. It is a thinky film for a thinky wine.

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