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The Legendary 2015 Reds

Yes, 2015 was a dream year for winemakers (long, warm, dry fall) and it is hard to find anything that wasn’t snapped up in the spring of 2016 when the world realized what magic was in those bottles.

However, through the wonders of storage, Grey Monk Estate Winery FOUND several cases of a 2015 red.

Not just any red blend, a Meritage blend. (Big Reds, together.)

And since they have property and growers throughout the southern Okanagan, they have access to the best Cab and the best Merlot, Cab Frac and even Petit Verdot in the Valley, so…. a found case of 2015 Meritage that has been stored in ideal circumstances and then miraculously discovered?! This is pure wine-geek-fantasy material.

I bought a few bottles and here is my analysis of the wine:

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