Christopher Walken FIlm and Wine Pairings

Hairspray and The View’s Bling

Buy it HERE.

This movie is a feel-good, bubbly confection. It doesn’t pretend to be great art but it is great fun. Similarly, Bling from The View Winery. It doesn’t pretend to be anything other than what it is. It bubbles just like the film and is available in two flavours: pretty in pink and greenish-clear. Sparkling wine in a can! Not just for camping anymore.

The Pink Bling tastes uncomplicated and is off-dry with nice notes of raspberry while the Green Bling is a lot more appley. Quite lovely, light and fun. But beware – this is real wine, not a spritzer and it comes in a 6-pack – that is almost the volume of 3 bottles of wine. It tastes so fun that you might lose track of how much of it you’ve drank, until….you stand up.

Bling will convince you that you too can dance like our hero, Christopher. “You’re as spry as a slinky”, you will say to yourself.

He loves spaghetti and icecream.

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