The Importance of Being Glasswear

Today I am de-spotting my stemwear. I like to see it shimmer but I live in an area with hard water and it gets spotted. So every now and then I give them a good polish.

Some time ago my daughters bought me glasses for my birthday. What a lovely gift! They are beautiful as well as useful.

Here is a guide for giving glasswear:

First, a little introduction from the Riedel Company. They are my favourites for certain but I will include others that are similar at different price points.

see INSIDE the Riedel factory for the modern winegalss
Learn about the levels of the glasses.

Coming up are two examples of glassware and opportunities to look at them on Amazon.ca (when you order through my links, a bit of money goes to the upkeep of this site and you pay the same great Amazon price).

I will start with Chardonnay glasses, a pricey one and a not so pricey one. Then a Bordeaux glass series. All of these Riedel glasses come with Riedel gift boxes. It is the wine-world equivalent of getting a blue Tiffany box.

At the very end I have some cheapy-deepy glasses that I use every day.

This is FANCY! A terrific gift. Buy Here.

It comes in a beautiful gift tube.

This is the tube.

At the other end of the price spectrum Riedel offers a white wine glass which is good for any white wine.

Also a good gift. Buy Here.

It also comes with a nice box.

Nice Box.

Here is a fancy single glass designed for Bordeaux blends. In the Americas we will find them called Meritage. You can use this glass for Cabernet Sauvignon dominant or Merlot dominant wines. In other words, big reds.

Another FANCY one! Great gift for a red wine fan. Buy Here.

It also comes with the individual glass gift tube.

A more democratically priced Ouverture Version. This one is specifically designed for Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Therefore it should correspond nicely to Bordeaux or Meritage wines.

This one is a great gift at a democratic price. Buy here. It comes in the 2-glass gift box.

If you just want to get some everyday glasses that would work for any sort of wine, this is what I use. I am not sad then they break. Stemless look modern and fun. If you like the classic look of stemware they are also available with the stems but they do cost just a little more. No cool gift box or tube for these though. I would still be happy to get these.

These are cool. Great for everyday. A nice gift as well especially for people who sometimes break their glasses. Buy here. They are also available with stems.
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