What to pair with Tragedy


The video shows how to make the perfect cup of tea using loose tea.  If you are using bags then you can measure it by two tea bags = 1 tbsp of loose tea.  I like it strong though.  You will see her also pop a tea cosy over the pot for steeping.  You can just wrap your pot in a towel or if you can fit an oven mitt over top of your pot, go ahead.

This is a drink ritual.  Something about the ritual slows you down and helps you think.  Somehow helps you to cope just a bit better.

Don’t add alcohol to tragedy.  You need your wits about you.  Wine, spirits and beer will dull your emotional reaction but you will be healthier in the long run by seeking the support of your community, spiritual care and feeling as horrible as you feel.

When you are facing a tragedy big or small you will need to treat yourself gently and kindly.  Give your body what it needs.  Healthy foods, exercise and quality sleep. This is especially true when you also need to help others through the tragedy. It is like the oxygen mask that drops down in an airplane disaster – you put yours on first.  That is because you can’t help anyone if you are unconscious.  Likewise, you will have to be extra kind to yourself if you need to get through a tragedy and to help others.


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