What to Pair with an Existential Crisis


Chianti because you can eat it with a tomato-sauced pasta.  Chianti and tomato equal each other in acidity and balance beautifully.  Each bite enhances the next.

It takes the edge off an existential crisis to have some good food and wine.  You can enjoy your crisis in comfort or reduce the need for the crisis-thinking by enjoying life.

You might want to steer away from enjoying the Chianti with fava beans though.  If you know why, you know why.

Chianti is a light-bodied red with tasting notes of red fruit, herbs like oregano, smoke, and a certain meatiness. It is a lovely expression on Italian wine, made from Sangiovese grapes.


This nice Chianti priced around the $15 mark and available through wine.com

If you want the full Chianti experience you will need the right glassware.  Riedel has glasses made specific to each wine type.  It sounds precious but the glass is shaped so that the wine hits your palate at exactly the right spot and that the aromas of the wine are delivered to your nose in the right way as well.


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