Best Wine for Reading Technical Papers or Doing Taxes

Riesling.  From its birthplace in Germany, Riesling retains its lean precision.  Do you like a racy lime or lemon flavour full of wake-me-up crispness?  Then go for a cooler climate Riesling.  In my area, the Okanagan, (Canada) we can create some lovely crisp, citrusy Rieslings with such pronounced minerality that you think that you are smelling rain.  On a year when the grapes have had the heat and hang time we’re seeing some stone fruit and even some pineapple.  Riesling can also take on an interesting petrol note (yep, gasoline) and that isn’t for everyone but those who like it seek it out.

alsace reisling

Riesling has a rep of being a sweet wine which isn’t fair.  It can be sweet, for sure, but if you like it dry, which is the style in my wine region, then just look for the word “Dry” or check the reviews on the wine that you have your eye on.  If you are getting a wine from the famous region of Alsace ($31), it will most likely to be dry and if you are getting some German ($185 for a half bottle) Riesling, look for the word “trocken”.  When you see the word, “Auslese” it means, “out of harvest” or a later harvest.  In a wine like this you can look for the flavours of stewed pears, some tropical notes and apples.

donn hoff

No matter how sweet you like it, a nice chill glass of Riesling will put you in the right mood to be exact; like when you are reading instructions, a technical manual or setting up your taxes.

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