Best Wine Pairing for Deep Thoughts

backlit-beach-clouds-289998Tannat.  Dark fruits, long and complex finish, spices like cloves and tannins that will pucker your whole face, if there ever was a wine for deep thoughts it is a tannat. Why is this perfect for thinking?  The finish.  You should not even attempt to drink this quickly. The finish is the way a wine’s taste lingers in your mouth. You can take a little sip and think a whole bunch.

Here is a tannat from my neck of the woods, the Okanagan Valley. It is made by a creepy-cool little vineyard called, Moon Curser.


The tannic structure of a wine like this allows for a nice long mellowing period.  Moon Curser Vineyard, for example, didn’t release this wine until 2017 even though it was a 2013 vintage.  It immediately sold out.

If you can’t make the trip into Canada and you’d like to read a difficult book or think some deep, existential thoughts then check out Wine.com, they will ship you a bottle of tannat.  And if you are in Canada and can’t get to the Okanagan Valley, then check out mywinecanada.com.  Click that link and you will go straight to a Moon Curser offering (tannat/syrah blend).  It is $43 plus taxes and shipping and it is worth it.

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