Wine Pairing for Anticipation

abstract-abstract-photo-art-906847By anticipation, I mean a wondering, joyful anticipation.  The feeling that many of us have had when we know that something good is about to happen.

For anticipation, there is nothing better than bubbles.  Champagne, the famous French wine has many daughters.  They are generally known as Sparkling wines or Champagne-style wines. (If a wine isn’t made in the French region of Champagne, it legally cannot be called “Champagne”. True fact.)

Anticipation is a fun emotion to enhance. Here is a Canadian wine dealer from which you can order the bubbles. In the USA?  Here’s the equivalent.

Glasses. Why such crazy-tall glasses?  Champagne flutes are shaped this way to collect the bubbles.  The idea is that the bubbles carry the fun and carry the fragrance of the wine.  You shouldn’t swirl a sparkling wine.  Just let the bubbles do the work.chanpagne glasses

There are a couple of problems with a sparkling wine.  First, how do you open it?  Should it fling the cork (danger! and also a waste since it foams everywhere)?  How cold should this stuff be (answer: super cold)?

Here is a video of a nice French man who clearly thinks that it is adorable than people would need a primer on champagne.

Now, if you are hoping for good things to happen, take your sparkling wine and look at daisies on their long, hopefull stems, reaching to heaven and dancing gently in the breeze.  To me, this is a perfect pairing for anticipation.



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