Emotional Wine and Beverage Pairing Theory

Hey, it’s the same as the theory of Food and Beverage pairing.  Do you run with similarities in the tasting notes or do you go for contrast?  What do you want to enhance? Or do you want to play down some aspect that you’d rather not experience?

alcohol-blur-dark-632043 (1)

For me, a nice Pinot Noir is the most melancholy wine a gal can find. Whereas, it isn’t easy to be sad while you are drinking nose-tickling bubbles.  Now, feeling sad and drinking bubbles is like getting an ineffectual pep talk when your heart is aching.  See what I mean?  A contrast, in this case, wouldn’t work.  However, if you are just a little sad, the bubbles might be able to lift you out. So you can use contrast.  Or you can go for the similarities and sink into the feelings.  Melancholy Pinot Noir in this example, pairs with journalling or sharing your experience and thoughts with a good friend is an example of pairing similarities.


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