The 13th Doctor : What to Pair with Dr. Who

I did it!  I watched the new Doctor Who.  Jodie Whittaker who I had loved in Broadchurch is the first female doctor and while unexpected, carried a bit of the Smith/Tennant mania and a non-femme-fetale vibe.  Confused and coalescing but competent.  I am willing to give the season a try.


What to pair with such a phenomenon?  I am going with a white that is quirky and not the regular thing.

The white:  in a sea of white wines there are many that surprise.  My favourite, it is a local fave here in the Okanagan, is Revolution Gewürsztraminer from The View Winery. What do you think of the Gewys?  Sweet, never oaked, spicy and simple?  Enter Revolution!

the view gew

The winemakers at The View chose to produce this bottle as a dry, oaked Gewürztraminer.  It is my favourite refreshing change, well that’s interesting, bottle.  Possibly great, willing to give it a try.  Just like the new female Doctor.

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